The Betfair Results Service is currently offered in beta format. This is not the final version of the product; rather, it is being made available to our members in order to solicit feedback. Before using the service, you are advised to review our Terms & Conditions. There is no charge for this service during the beta period.

The Betfair Results Service delivers the results of markets settled in the past 24 hours. Results are generated from the market settlement carried out 24/7 by our Market Operations team. Results are usually available within a matter of minutes of Betfair settling a market.

Accessing the Betfair Results Service

Results can be accessed in 3 ways:

  1. Through this beta website. Select a category in the left menu.
  2. Via an RSS feed. For information about RSS, and about getting a free RSS reader, visit the free online encyclopedia (Wikipedia) at
  3. Via a desktop widget (a small application that runs on your computer's desktop). Click here for instructions on how to download.

We welcome your feedback, both product enhancement requests and defect reports. Please review the 'Known Issues' below before submitting defect reports. Feedback should be emailed to Please make sure to tell us how you are accessing the Betfair Results Service. Note that there is no customer support during this beta period, so please do not contact the Helpdesk.

Known Enhancements & Issues

  • Missing markets: At this stage only results for odds markets are available (Asian handicap, range, and line are not).
  • Order of finish in place markets: For our market settlement purposes, Betfair do not need to input the order of finish in place markets. As a consequence, we are currently unable to display results of place markets in order of finish. For place markets, winners are displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Dead heats: Results for these markets are not displayed.
  • Column sorting: Ability to sort each column in the results table.